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5 Recommendations For Human Resource Management



The human workforce is considered as one of the most important organizational assets in this era of technological advancements and the continued successful evolution of technologies. Although technology, along with automation, is replacing many labor-force-intensive activities, human resources is not only the building block of progress but also responsible for technology and its implications in the business world.

In order to compete with technology today, there is a need for predefined leadership criteria for all functional areas of an organization. Thus, what factors in management do businesses need to pay special attention to?

1. Align business strategies with external and internal factors. 

For example, consider how your current strategy aligns with economic changes (i.e., external factors) and the expectation of a high return on investment in the case of training and development costs (i.e., internal factors).

2. Ensure your talent strategy also aligns with the company’s overall plan.

The main and essential key to managing a provocative workforce is to streamline the strategies of the talent management process alongside the overall company strategy.

3. Get ahead of your competitors by being proactive.

Not only be obtainable when management does more than just adopt new trends, but also must quickly anticipate and adapt to new and emerging opportunities regarding talent management before the rest of the market.

4. Evaluate what training is essential, and execute it well.

The execution of the training and development is a necessity because of its impact on the involvement of change management in the business processes.

5. Use various tools to assess the capabilities of your workforce. 

Annual appraisals and reviews can be highly effective tools to analyze the capacity and capabilities of the workforce if conducted consistently and correctly. This might encourage employees to work harder and thus improve their capacity to adapt to changes and innovations.

terra – Integration between human resource (HR) management and technology

A well-planned HRM strategy is critical to manage workforce effectively, which is essential for successful technology implementation and integration. Developed and constantly updated according to the needs of customers, terra – the comprehensive HR management system of Vina Payroll Outsourcing Co., Ltd. (VPO) is one of the solutions to help businesses improve efficiency in the process of managing HR and business operations.

Using technology to integrate with management is an international HR trend, so all HR department management activities will be done completely online on terra system. terra offers a wide range of business support services, including:

terra System: HR management software that integrates timekeeping, salary calculation, training, recruitment or personnel evaluation features… terra System is the key of the business’s success when it includes all the essential features that businesses need for manage HR efficiently.

terra Payroll: When the HR department is overburdened, the payroll service need to be outsourced by terra. Terra’s personnel will assist the HR department in relieving that burden by implementing payroll, tax, social insurance, etc. for enterprises. Furthermore, by enrolling for terra Payroll, firms will be able to utilize the terra System for free to monitor and update personnel’s information online.

terra Academy: A specialized online training platform for personnel, making training and providing knowledge for employees easier than ever.

Learn more about terra’s services here.

(Source: Forbes)

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