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Advantage and disadvantage of human resource management software



Human resource management software has been widely used by businesses, because it meets the needs of the human resource management department. There are many HR software that have been born to help thousands of businesses solve difficult problems in management, but each software has different advantages and disadvantages. The following article will outline the advantages and disadvantages of human resource management software. Does it really make human resource management better? Let’s find out together with terra.

General features of HR management software

Today’s human resource management software fully meets the basic needs of human resource management work such as managing personal information of employees, managing labor contracts, time attendance, calculation, etc. salary and bonus,… In addition, it also supports to improve the management of recruitment, training, capacity assessment according to KPI,…

There are also some software on the market that can build separate assessment and training features, salary and bonus policies, and title structure based on the unique needs of the business.

The variety of human resource management software options on the market makes it easy for businesses to find the most suitable software solution for their business.

There are two types of software on the market: free HR management software and paid HR management software. Low-cost human resource management software provides simple needs of small businesses, not too demanding on management functions. As for medium and large-sized enterprises, their requirements for human resource management are higher, so they must find software with more features and more utilities. Charge is the best option.

Advantages and disadvantages of using HR management software

Advantages of HR management software

Using human resource management software brings more benefits to businesses than traditional manual methods.

Advantages of HR management software

Cost savings

In order to synchronize human resource tasks without spending a lot of money on redundant human resources, businesses need to invest in management technology systems. Human resource management software can make timekeeping, payroll, and records management more professional and efficient. When information and data are synchronized, work productivity is enhanced.

Minimize records and papers in management work

Previously, the work of managing documents about employees’ personal information, timekeeping, working process, … were done manually, but with Terra – all tasks are supported by software to technology of information and data.

Great variety of features

Manage personal information records of each employee, work history, education level, professional skills, …

Automatic notification of the expiration of the labor contract

Summary of work, salary calculation, leave application, work schedule, sick leave application, …

Evaluate HR productivity according to KPI

Manage recruitment, training, and evaluation of training results

Organize the organization chart in the business

Employee time management

There are many software available today that have the function of assigning shifts and managing employees’ working time, which can help employees time attendance more accurately and efficiently. Compared to manual work or Excel, human resource management software has a more scientific division of shifts, builds an automated flow of attendance, employees work in flexible shifts or change shifts quickly, total quick cooperation.

Absolute data security

To compare with the previous method of data management by Excel or paper, using software with much higher security. Store information in the data center on powerful servers, data is secured with SSL, firewall and have a strict network security policy system. Data is controlled to maximum access with only a few key positions with allowed access to information.

Disadvantages of HR management software

Compared with manual human resource management, using software brings more benefits. However, human resource management software still has some disadvantages that you need to be aware of before choosing to use.

Limited functionality

There are a lot of free HR software that limit a lot of functions for HR professional. Recruitment functions are not set up with automated processes, are not connected to the recruitment market, cannot screen suitable candidates. And it is not possible to report the results of the admission or return the fake results to the successful candidates.

High security risk for the free version

Free versions of software management software have an extremely high rate of security risk. Data crashes are much higher with the paid versions. Because there is no data warranty or timely support from software vendors in case of problems, when small businesses want to use the free versions, they need to consider carefully to avoid taking unnecessary risks. yes.

With the disadvantages outlined by terra, the advice we want to give businesses should consider choosing reputable software providers to use. If medium and large enterprises have good financial capacity, they can choose software that provides higher utilities for operation that can fully meet human resource operations or adjust according to needs. according to the actual size of the business.

 terra – The best choice to help businesses manage human resources effectively

terra is one of the reputable brands, quality software is trusted. There are 4 reasons many businesses choose to use HR management software provided by terra.

terra – HR management software

Firstly, terra has been applied on a phone platform suitable for both iOS and Android operating systems, bringing more convenience to users in timekeeping. Can work anytime, anywhere to increase productivity.

Second, terra brings the outstanding feature of online timekeeping by phone with GPS positioning. It is suitable for businesses with many branches, administrators have pre-set locations that can be located on the system, control the timekeeping process of all employees.

Third, Time attendance by face recognition with artificial intelligence is available on the system.

Fourth, the features that terra provides are extremely affordable, suitable for all businesses. You can choose to rent, buy a package or buy each feature depending on your needs.

With the introduction of a lot of human resource management software that has helped millions of businesses improve their working performance, the ability to accurately assess capacity, and save costs and time, it will be the first choice. Effective left hand for the human resources department. However, you need to carefully choose the software that best suits your business to avoid unnecessary risks.

Learn more about terra‘s services here.

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