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What exactly is digital conversion?

In Vietnam, “Digital Transformation” is commonly defined as the process of transitioning from a traditional business model to a digital one by utilizing technological trends to alter management and leadership styles, work processes, and corporate culture.

Digital transformation is slowly transforming the corporate world; it not only alters how firms are seen, but also changes how they function. The digital transformation process will follow a different path for each type of organization, but the unifying aim is to optimize the business management apparatus, providing revenues and numerous opportunities to consumers. 

According to Gartner Inc., up to 91 percent of businesses have begun to digitize in some way. However, not all firms, particularly small and medium-sized organizations, are transformation-oriented (SMEs).

Why should businesses apply digital transformation?

Without digital transformation, firms would fall behind their rivals, diminishing competitiveness and making it difficult to keep up with emerging trends. As a result, no firm, large or small, can say “no” to digital transformation. Because data is the foundation of the data analysis process, data will become the most valuable asset of the organization during the digital transformation process.

Difficulties in digital transformation

When previously said, internal data is very critical as firms undergo digital transformation. As a result, the possibility of personal/business data leakage is always a worry for enterprises. The fast growth of information technology is a driving force for socioeconomic progress, but it also increases the possibility of security gaps, allowing hackers to exploit their illegal activities.

Furthermore, the most significant hurdle that organizations face when using digital technology is the high cost of implementation. Businesses must invest a significant amount of money to use digital tools and specialist management software.

At the same time, a lack of internal human resources to use digital technology is a challenge for Vietnamese businesses. Because, in order to use digital tools in production and business processes, personnel must not only know how to handle contemporary technology, equipment, and software, but they must also be able to fix when faults occur and carry out routine maintenance and maintenance tasks.

Solutions for digital transformation for Vietnamese enterprises

To follow up with the digital transformation trend, technology and software solutions are frequently selected for implementation. terra human resource management system was designed by Vina Payroll Outsourcing Co., Ltd (“VPO”) and is one of the solutions for Vietnamese enterprises while embracing the digital transformation process. It was founded by I-GLOCAL, Japan’s premier tax – accounting – investment consultancy organization. terra, which combines consultancy and technology, was created to help Vietnamese firms integrate with foreign human resource management trends. terra provides a variety of features, including:

terra System – Human resource management software including basic to advanced management functions such as storing employee information, time attendance, salary calculation, leave, tax, social insurance, employee evaluation periodicity, etc.  All operations will be performed online on the software, helping the human resources department save a large amount of time to focus on other administrative tasks. At the same time, all employees can easily use and update personal and business information through the software. Besides, terra also offers an attractive package with 6  months free trial for new customers, especially unlimited features and number of accounts.

terra Outsourcing – Business support service handles almost all the work of the human resources department including salary calculation, personal income tax, social insurance, etc. In order to conduct digital transformation, terra‘s payroll outsourcing service will help businesses thoroughly solve this problem, thereby focusing time and resources on the digital transformation strategy. Understanding the balance between cost and efficiency of businesses, terra offers a free 2-month terraO2 experience package for new customers including: salary calculation, PIT, social insurance so that customers can have complete peace of mind. quality before making a decision.

terra Academy – A platform that offers free online HR courses such as law, tax, and internal training. When firms join online education platforms like terra Academy, it means that they are successful on the first step to implement digital transformation.

 Get information for terra’s solutions here.

If you need more information about terra services, please leave your information on the Contact page, terra’s team will contact you shortly.


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