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Most of SMEs and startups do not have a professional human resources department, some administrative staffs can fulfil this role. Businesses might easily fail without a clear HR strategy because of the following 5 primary barriers:

– Predictions and actual results are never the same. As a result, leadership and management should avoid setting “unrealistic” goals in order to exert pressure on the decision to change the testing procedure.

–  HR will undoubtedly resist. Employees will perceive that the workload has grown, and they may reject the process or be hesitant to adapt in order to execute a new work path.

– Uncertainty outbreaks from a lack of resources: experimental judgments may lead to workers quitting or rotating employment, as well as external effects such as ass and market fluctuations.

– Enterprise information technology does not bring much efficiency, this is the first thing that must be improved, because this data system must be comprehensive, reliable and always up-to-date. It is this that will make it difficult to plan, because the parameters have been wrong from the beginning.

– Cost and time consuming, especially in the early stages when restructuring the system. In essence, restructuring the human resource management plan is a time-consuming and expensive process, so many businesses are avoiding and implementing this strategy.

Strategic human resource management is the key to retaining and developing quality employees. It is likely that employees will feel valued and want to stay with a company that places a high price on employee retention and engagement. To implement effectively and in accordance with the business situation, especially with the Vietnamese market, it is best to create a master planning process, with the following 7 steps:

1. In-depth analysis of the business growth plan of the enterprise

2. Evaluation and analysis of actual human resource capacity at the enterprise

3. Evaluation and analysis of human resources capacity based on goals and next development direction

4. Forecasting and quantifying the required number and expertise of personnel, based on the immediate financial situation and personnel growth requirements in each stage of business development

5. Learn, select, analyze and identify the tools necessary for employees to do their jobs well.

6. Develop plans, survey and implement human resource management strategies, based on learned criteria

7. Evaluate activities to improve the quality of resources, and offer remedial solutions.

terra – The solution for effective HR strategy

Each business will choose different strategies to best manage resources. However, most businesses believe that manual human resource management methods have become outdated, ineffective and human resource management software is the optimal solution, chosen by many people. One of the effective human resource management solutions is the human resource management system – terra System is an all-in-one technology platform that helps to digitize all processes of the HR department: from recruitment, to timekeeping. , payroll, application, training and effective human resource assessment.

As a multitasking software,  allows both HR and leadership to participate in the information management process. All information about receiving, including records, contracts to appointment, transfer are integrated and updated immediately in the software. With the leadership, the software will extract statistical reports in the form of Intuitive and detailed charts for HR, levels to easily evaluate and apply to the upcoming HR plan. At the same time, the software also has the ability to automatically generate reports, helping HR to generate reports on the human resources situation according to individual needs or business goals. From there, it helps managers save time and effort to orient an effective HR plan.

In particular, terra System is offering 6 months of free terra System experience for new customers, registration period from 6/9 -6/10, businesses can be completely assured by the quality of service before deciding to use.

Sign up for a free terra System here.

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