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HR 24/7 – Overload work is placing burdens on HR’s shoulders



The problem of unpaid overtime, personnel working 24/7 but still not out of work has never been old for employees. That trend is increasing, causing them to be discouraged, even quit, invisibly forming a huge challenge for businesses today.

Work overload, frustrated employees

“I’m super obsessed with @ tags in boxchats outside office hours. Especially, I don’t know why 9-10 pm still calls my name”, Ngo Duc V. (Hanoi) shared.

“Working office hours at work but still not daring to leave the phone half a step when I get home. EEveryone texts, I have to turn on the phone to work immediately, working day and night, early morning or late evening, even days off. I feel that I am gradually losing the balance between work and life”, Ms. Truong Tuyet L. (HCMC) shared.

As can be seen, we have spent 1 ⁄ 3 hours a day working, most of the time is spent in the company or enterprise. Therefore, overtime means that the time for personal life will be shortened. Working 1-2 hours overtime is not much, but it is a direct factor, disrupting life balance, above all, eroding the physical and mental health of employees. Spending too much time at work makes workers easily bored, lose enthusiasm, and frustration with the business is increasing. Under those negative effects, their morale is decreasing, the rate of deciding to resign will be higher and higher. This will adversely affect both the quality and quantity of human resources of the enterprise.

Relieve pressure, go up strongly

Overtime now seems to be a form of abuse for workers, causing the status quo to quit and job hopping more and more. That is also the reason that creates great pressure for the human resources department, which is increasingly heavy. So, what is the solution to this conundrum?

Change from within, apply the 5 “Re” letters in business: Review, Rethink, Renew, Restructure and Reinvent

1. Review: Businesses need to review whether the mission (what is doing) and vision (what they want to aim for) are suitable for the current context or not? Specifically, the wave of 24/7 personnel and the wave of employee absenteeism are in need of being addressed.

2. Rethink: Businesses need to reevaluate their current strategy and operations. In particular, the rethinking of human resource strategy is the most important thing, because this is the “tractor” to promote business development. This method helps businesses be more flexible in terms of human resources, at the same time, giving employees time to reconsider means giving them more initiative in work, so that they themselves are trained in work management capacity, actively self-reflection in the way of working.

3. Renew: Refresh thinking in human resource management. The old thinking with manual manipulation has stood firm for a long time and in this new era, we must change the old way of thinking, no longer bound to paperwork but turn it into data, and apply advanced technology to human resource management. This is a long-term reform that requires businesses to have specific strategies. The first steps when new thinking is formed are also the time when your business transforms and joins the digital transformation race. Since then, digital transformation has become a means for your business to achieve its goals, digital thinking helps employees have new perspectives and behaviors, ready to seize the opportunities that the dynamic world brings.

4. Restructure: It is important to do in the context of current human resource pressure to restructure the culture, businesses need to have an open culture, giving employees the opportunity to speak up. Instead of thinking about quitting, this approach will help employees relieve pressure, express their wishes, from there, they will put more trust in the business because the business can now support them to solve difficult problems in the process of working.

5. Reinvent: Redrawing a more realistic and clear, dynamic and professional future, seeing new opportunities and parting with what no longer fits. A study by Adobe and Forrester Consulting also found that 82% of companies believe there is a strong link between creativity and business results. The spirit of innovation, constantly exploring will help your business adapt new skills to catch up with the next steps of digital transformation in the economy, thereby developing your brand and successfully fulfilling your business goals.

Use support solutions from third parties

Another solution when the human resources department cannot solve the problem of overload for employees thoroughly or is in the process of restructuring the business is the support from the third unit. In particular, priority should be given to using solutions to support the HR department. The reason why the human resources department is always the top priority is because HR work mostly revolves around the most cumbersome and manual administrative tasks, paperwork, always in a state supply that fails to meet demand – few people but many work. Hiring an outside company to perform all functions of the HR department almost completely frees up the burden of resource management for the business when the amount of work is too much and human resources are lacking.

In general, the above two solutions can solve the problem of overloaded personnel 24/7. However, changing the inner core of a giant machine is not easy, the business needs to require a lot of time and manpower, but time and competitors will never stop for you. Therefore, during internal consolidation, the solution to use human resource support from third parties is the most optimal and comprehensive solution, a wise strategy to help your business firmly overcome challenges, solve this conundrum called “Human Resources 24/7”.

Solutions to support work overload, personnel shortage – terra Payroll

Established in 2020 with the criterion “Technology integration – Reasonable cost – Simplicity, ease of use”, VINA PAYROLL OUTSOURCING CO., LTD. (“VPO”) has developed a group of terra solutions with a variety of services, in order to comprehensively support the human resources departments of businesses in Vietnam. Among the services, in order to completely solve the burden on the HR department, terra Payroll – payroll outsourcing service is an optimal suggestion for businesses.

terra Payroll is a payroll service that helps businesses handle almost all salary, bonus, personal income tax, insurance… With more than 18 years of experience in the field of consultancy – tax – accounting, deep understanding of legal regulations, terra’s HR experts will support businesses to handle payroll work smoothly, accurately, and avoid legal risks. When using terra Payroll outsourcing service, overloading personnel is no longer a worry of businesses.

In addition, terra’s payroll service is operated on the basis of modern technology – terra HR System. Therefore, when using terra Payroll service, customers will have full rights to use all functions on the platform, including:

– Employee data management

– Attendance 

– Time off, Overtime permission management

– Payroll calculation

– Social insurance management

– Recruitment management

– Labor contract management

– Training management

– Performance management

That means your business will “buy one gets two” when signing up for payroll outsourcing service – terra Payroll. And the terra HR System platform also provides a number of functions to serve the problem of “24/7 overloaded human resources” of businesses:

– Time off, Overtime permission management: terra provides the function of registering for leave, overtime, work and remote work according to Labor Law and each company’s process for complete management on the system. Avoid reluctant employees being forced to work 24/7.

– Payroll calculation: The payroll function will replace the HR department that performs payroll, payroll is directly publicized, easy to track for both personnel and employees. The integration of advanced technology in payroll helps overtime not become a form of exploitation, ensuring accuracy and transparency when employees work overtime.

So, compared to wasting time recruiting human resources and reallocating workload, businesses can completely rely on the support of terra Payroll. With extremely reasonable fees for payroll outsourcing services, terra Payroll hopes to become a “Comprehensive HR management solution group for your business” overcoming the challenge of “24/7 overload HR” along with its consequences.

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