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HR Perspective: The criteria of a bright employee



There are many different standards set for a “perfect” employee that makes many people wonder such as: being fluent in at least one foreign language, having a working history of at least 3 years, and being proficient in using computers… If you are a candidate who is confused about how to “evaluate” yourself, or a manager does not know how to evaluate employees, the set of 6 criteria of a bright employee below will help you troubleshoot the problem.

What is a good employee in the eyes of a manager?

There are many ways to effectively manage human resources, as well as many tools to support optimal management. However, management will only promote its meaning when there is cooperation between managers and employees. Human resource management is simply the job of creating an effectively managed staff. A bright employee in the eyes of a manager is an employee who knows how to manage their own work well and supports the promotion of the management efficiency of their business and organization.

Becoming a bright employee is not only meaningful in improving overall work performance, contributing to the company’s quick completion of its mission, and strengthening its culture, but it also helps employees improve themselves. To become an outstanding worker in the context of an increasingly abundant and competitive labor market.

Criteria to identify a good employee

  • Talent

Talent factor is a key foundation for the success of the organization and is also a priority criterion to identify a bright employee. Talent manifests in the knowledge, skills, and abilities that differentiate one person from others. This knowledge is considered a valuable personal asset, as well as a strategic asset of any organization. In addition to talent, this capital also includes “dedication”. Talent can be cultivated through study, practice, and devotion can also be cultivated by the habit of being willing to do things with great effort.

  • Competently

A skilled employee is an employee who can do something well and bring value to the organization. For example, being proficient in organizing and arranging work will help employees know how to allocate important things, and perform tasks according to reasonable timelines, thereby improving work productivity, improving productivity and improving productivity. opportunities for advancement and development. So, to become proficient, employees must first show the spirit of daring to challenge and dare to perform, first with simple and small tasks, then with challenging jobs. and more complicated ones. No one can become proficient without “thousands of practice and a hundred failures”.

  • Create a network

“Network” in this context refers to the network of relationships built on the process by which individuals connect with those around them. “Network” is one of the criteria that every employee should have to become a good employee. Because once the work network is created, the operating process of the business and the connection of each employee inside and outside the organization will be tighter and stronger, helping the work to be completed more optimally. Networks can be created by maintaining communication and mutual support at work. Networking is also a “survival” career skill for any employee in the early stages of taking on a job.

  • Business style

Each business will have different rules and regulations on working style and require people working at all levels in the organization to know how to coordinate and behave. Corporate style is the thing that best reflects the culture and ethical values related to work and work relationships that the business wants to aim for. To become a talented manager, in addition to practicing talent, human resource managers must also practice virtue. A bright employee must also be someone who knows how to adjust his or her style to suit the style and behavior of the business in particular and society in general.

  • Good soft skills

A survey from CareerBuilder (an online recruitment site) indicates that 77% of employers are looking for candidates with soft skills and 16% consider this skill more important than hard skills. They are the ones who understand the importance of soft skills in improving job performance. So, as a bright employee in the eyes of the employer, the manager must be a person who always knows how to apply and hone soft skills such as time management skills, problem-solving, effective communication, and creative thinking… Soft skills can be trained through reading books regularly, “making friends” with experts, attending courses, and discovering new things… related to soft skills in work and life.

  • Tech-savvy

Tech IQ/Intelligence Index (Tech IQ) is expressed through the ability to grasp technology and be ready to thoroughly apply new technologies to support work. In an age of increasingly modern technology and ever more globalized business operations, companies are also looking to build and use technological intelligence to identify opportunities and relationships. technological threats that may affect their development and survival in the future. To be able to flexibly adapt to this change, each employee always needs to update and monitor the development of technology regularly. Understanding technology is an important criterion that creates the brilliance of employees in this day and age.

When your company uses a comprehensive HR solution from terra, you can become a bright employee by: being ready to update the automated human resource management process and fully exploit the benefits of technology to minimize the current workload. This makes sense in re-skilling yourself – a promising worker in the 4.0 era.

Knowing the “6 T’s” as above, you have grasped the criteria of a bright employee. It can be seen that constantly cultivating and updating knowledge plays an important role in meeting each criterion. In the 4.0 era, understanding and thoroughly applying technology in life and work will help you shorten the time to process work, create value for yourself and make yourself an “asset” that every business is always looking for.

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