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Human Resources 4.0: Easy but difficult for HR



At the age of 4.0, one of the most frequently asked questions by the human resources (HR) department is, “What does human resources (HR) need to do to create human resources for businesses with complete capabilities, continually updated with new knowledge?” When it comes to this issue, the major solution is to continue focusing on teaching old skills, paying attention to future labor skills, and, most significantly, utilizing technology in HR management.

This question poses a great challenge for HR: planning skill enhancement programs without really understanding them. Upskilling and reskilling have brought great concern to HR. The reason is because the development of technology leads to constantly changing and updating skill sets. In fact, there is no exact solution for this matter because each industry and business will require different skill sets. However, to help businesses and guide HR with the most basic steps, terra provides 3 suggestions: 

Appraise existing skills 

Workers in the 4.0 era require not just new skills, but also reinforcement of basic competencies. Many talents, such as communication, creativity, and leadership, are quite familiar, but the requirements change when placed in a new situation. To begin re-evaluating the existing human resource skill set, HR managers can rely on the 4C model, which includes four fundamental abilities: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Identify new skills for the future 

The demand for skills connected to technology and emotions will rise in the future as society develops. As a result, not only HR but also businesses must pay close attention and equip themselves with new expertise, such as blockchain, AI, and automation, which are rapidly developing and being extensively used. Furthermore, social skills such as dealing with adversity, adjusting, and developing mental resilience will be new criteria for human resources in the current circumstances.

Take advantage of modern technology 

In addition to predicting upcoming trends, it is critical to seek technological assistance in the process of implementing skills building that corresponds to the organization’s business plan. Because technological advancement is an unavoidable tendency in the world, various technology and data science solutions have been developed and implemented to assist organizations in their transformation. As the market evolves, businesses must be adaptable. Typically, human resource management software, employee training, timekeeping, and compensation computation are often gradually coordinated and automated to assist enterprises and HR in saving time and improving productivity.

terra – Comprehensive solutions for human resource management in line with the 4.0 trend

terra, as a comprehensive human resource solution company built on current technology, is also founded on long-term consulting experience for Japanese businesses. terra’s HR management solutions for the 4.0 HR building process include:

terra Payroll is a business assistance service that takes care of practically all of HR’s responsibilities, such as salary and bonus calculations, personal income tax, social insurance, etc. terra ensures that customer requirements are fully implemented, integrity, professionalism, high accuracy, and reliability with the help of terra Team – an experienced team in the field of salary calculation, consulting with a deep understanding of law and tax regulations. 

terra HR System is a comprehensive human resource management system that incorporates basic to advanced management operations such as employee data storage, time attendance, salary calculation, leave, tax, social insurance, periodic personnel assessment, and more. terra System is always ready to provide support and advice to thoroughly solve arising problems until customers can successfully apply them to their business operation process, while fulfilling customer benefits such as no installation, no IT staff support to operate the system, simple operation, and reasonable cost.

terra Academy is a non-profit human resources and business management training project. terra Academy offers free legal, tax, and internal training classes, as well as community programs to solve human resource issues for partners, clients, students, and the Vietnamese human resources community.

By combining consulting and technology, terra provides specialized human resource solutions to Vietnamese businesses seeking to integrate with international human resource management trends.


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