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Implementing international Human Resource Management strategies for Vietnamese businesses



International firms are increasingly embracing support solutions to “free” the human resources (HR) department from traditional operations, allowing HR department to focus on improving the employee experience.

This trend allows organizations to get a competitive edge in the market and is predicted to become a new strategy for Vietnamese businesses.

Global HR Trends

According to Kincentric’s 2019 global employee work experience survey, 79% of organizations believe that employee experience is strongly tied to company success, employee engagement, and developing alignment between individual and corporate goals. As a result, worldwide companies choose supporting HR department solutions to “liberate” personnel from administrative responsibilities, allowing them more time to be creative and focus on enhancing the internal HR experience.

A good working environment helps businesses improve their company productivity.

Vietnamese firms’ Human Resources Management operation method

Manual procedures used by the HR department include calculating salary by using Excel, preparing reports, and maintaining data on personal computers. Despite several disadvantages, such as time and data loss, this solution is widely utilized by businesses because of its ease of use and reasonable cost.

Applying outsourcing solutions such as calculating, paying wages, and preparing human resource reports can help businesses reduce stress, prevent errors, and ensure security. However, due to the high expense of this service, it is best suited to firms with limited workforce or those in need of help when their HR department is overwhelmed.  

Furthermore, utilizing technology for HR administration is a good HR department assistance option. All activities such as employee data administration, shift management, revenue calculation, training management, personnel appraisal, and so on could be handled directly on the system by the HR department, which helps to prevent inaccuracies while manipulating data. Furthermore, because all workers can quickly access and register online forms related to the HR department, this solution contributes to increased workplace efficiency. Although many platforms need the use of a professional IT team to administer, this is still a low-cost alternative suitable for most businesses wanting to improve the quality of HR management.

With many pros and cons, organizations should consider selecting the best solution for their kind of business and future development direction.

terra propose HR Solution

Vina Payroll Outsourcing Co., Ltd. (“VPO”) was founded by I-GLOCAL, a leading Japanese tax, accounting, and investment consulting firm that supports and advises over 1,000 Japanese businesses in Vietnam. VPO developed the terra – human resource management system based on years of consulting experience with Japanese companies that demand efficiency and precision.

I-GLOCAL has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and supporting foreign businesses doing business in Vietnam.

terra HR’s solution:

Diagram of terra ‘s services 

terra Payroll is a business assistance service that takes care of practically all of HR’s responsibilities, such as salary and bonus calculations, personal income tax, social insurance, etc. terra ensures that customer requirements are fully implemented, integrity, professionalism, high accuracy, and reliability with the help of I-GLOCAL, an experienced corporation in the field of salary calculation, consulting, and a team with a deep understanding of law and tax regulations. Understanding the balance between cost and efficiency of businesses, terra offers a free 2-month terraO2 experience package for new customers including: salary calculation, PIT, social insurance so that customers can have complete peace of mind. quality before making a decision.

terra System is a comprehensive human resource management system that incorporates basic to advanced management operations such as employee data storage, time attendance, salary calculation, leave, tax, social insurance, periodic personnel assessment, and more. terra System is always ready to provide support and advice to thoroughly solve arising problems until customers can successfully apply them to their business operation process, while fulfilling customer benefits such as no installation, no IT staff support to operate the system, simple operation, and reasonable cost. Besides, terra also offers an attractive package with 6  months free trial for new customers, especially unlimited features and number of accounts.

terra  Academy is a non-profit human resources and business management training project. terra Academy offers free legal, tax, and internal training classes, as well as community programs to solve human resource issues for partners, clients, students, and the Vietnamese human resources community.

By combining consulting and technology, terra provides specialized human resource solutions to Vietnamese businesses seeking to integrate with international human resource management trends.

Register to receive 2 months free payroll service here.

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