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Developing L&D with terra Academy



What is L&D?

L&D is an acronym for Learning & Development, which means learning and developing. This is a department under the Human Resources department.

The role of L&D in the enterprise

 L&D has many roles in building, training and developing the quality of the company’s staff. At the same time, the activities of the L&D department also contribute to the effective implementation of business strategies, creating cohesion among everyone in the company.

Developing the L&D department through the application of online teaching and learning

The shortage of high-quality human resources makes internal training programs increasingly important in every business. This makes the Learning & Development system feel harder and heavier than ever. Shifting from the traditional form of training to the online form is the solution to help the company’s L&D work better improve.

terra Academy training platform will support learning via video, students can interact online with instructors, take exams, check and evaluate training results and after each course, learners will have reports. detailed, in-depth about their training route. Compared to the cost of organizing offline sessions, investing in an online learning program will: 

☑️ Save effort and finance for businesses

☑️ Flexibility in time does not affect working time at the company

☑️ Improve skills and knowledge for employees

With more than 18 years of experience working with a series of major partners, the terra Academy online learning platform is confident in its ability to build and develop knowledge to support the L&D department for businesses to achieve effective training. most optimal.

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