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Recruitment and Training – New functions from terra



Recruiting and training are usually tasks that give the HR department a pain and take a long time to complete. terra has developed two new functions in response to the issues experienced by the HR department, with the purpose of always developing and upgrading in response to client needs:

– Recruitment

– Training

Now, about Recruitment function, businesses can execute integrated recruiting on terra – a comprehensive human resource management system to assist in the entire digitization of human resource management. Personnel data will be maintained, managed, and updated throughout the recruiting process, from the moment of candidacy until the time of hire.

The following are some activities that firms may do in the Recruitment function:

  1. Make a job posting: 

The employer may create job listings that include the following information: title, job location, position, the number of interview rounds, salary, application period, job description or requirements, and benefits that candidates will get.

Employers can also delegate the management of recruitment information to workers. Personnel designated to handle job listings have the ability to update and examine information of items in posted recruitment information.

  1. Create an interview round recruiting process:

The employer may fill out requirements, appoint interviewers, and make additional annotations for each round of interviews. At the same time, thoughts or comments about special candidates will be updated here.

  1. Choose the configuration of the recruiting page:

The employer can choose their own domain name for their recruiting website in addition to the default domain name.

  1. See the number of candidates:

The applicant will be informed via the terra system. The number of candidates for each position will be tracked and announced to the employer.

About Training function:

  1. Businesses can build training courses and delegate authority to personnel in charge of those courses.
  2. Participants in the training course can log in, view, and download course-related documents.

In conclusion, terra will continue to expand and improve current capabilities in the future to provide clients with the best possible user experience.

Learn more about terra‘s services here.

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