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Faced with market changes, small and medium businesses must try to create a difference in order to preserve a competitive edge and ensure long-term growth. As a result, the automation of the human resource department becomes more concentrated, becoming an essential component that supports the implementation of tasks in the business’s operational process.

What is Human Resource (HR) Process Automation?

The employment of technology to replace humans in typical, repetitive administrative tasks is known as human resource process automation. According to UiPath, automating human resource management saves staff 40% of their time while enhancing productivity and operational efficiency in the HR department. This figure helps to illustrate why an increasing number of businesses are implementing automation to enhance internal processes.

Why should HR be automated?

Human resource management is an essential task in every organization since the recruiting process, training, salary calculation, and tax administration are all crucial jobs that directly influence the interests of employees. However, in most businesses, the majority of this procedure is still done manually. As a result, automating the HR department will assist enhance overall productivity and efficiency by freeing personnel from manual administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on strategic responsibilities.

Despite acknowledging the advantages of automation, many people believe that in order to automate, businesses must reorganize their operations, replacing employees with towering modern robots. In fact, investing big sums of money in contemporary, complicated hardware or software devices is not required for automation. HR automation, in many circumstances, is simply the use of a technological platform to reduce or remove human involvement in manual operations.

So, what elements should organizations consider and plan for when employing technology to automate the HR department?

Suggestions for improving the HR department’s automated procedure

Use technology to speed up automation

Investing in software technology to standardize work processes is encouraged in small businesses in the digital age. Technology cannot completely replace humans, but it is an effective support tool to help employees quickly handle boring repetitive manual tasks to focus on important tasks, bringing value to the business.

Enterprises should choose a reputable software provider with comprehensive support or can hire a technical consultant when starting automation to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Track time spent on tasks

In addition to applying technology to the human resource management process, businesses should also pay attention to setting up a tracking system, investing time for all tasks in a day/ a week/ a month to maintain HR operations. Evaluate which jobs consume the most time and resources to consider automating with machines and technology, to ensure these tasks are handled as quickly as possible with the most perfect quality.

Minimize the number of processes

Businesses need to understand very well how it works so that they can accurately determine which processes are required, which are not required, or can be consolidated to apply technology. For successful automation, make sure your business processes are optimized.

Don’t Ignore the Employee Experience

Some small business owners don’t realize that while changing processes is relatively easy to implement, helping employees understand and accept automation can be difficult, even challenging.

Therefore, business owners need to have a clear and methodical personnel training roadmap as well as organize surveys on the experience after using technology in the operating process to be able to consider changes. The fact that employees understand the importance of automation for the development of the business and themselves is also an important factor motivating them to actively use the software, creating the success of the automation process. automation.

Payroll service combining technology and in-depth consulting

Developed with the goal of meeting all standards set by businesses, terra provides a variety of solutions including payroll outsourcing services – terra Payroll and human resource management software – terra HR System. In particular, terra‘s payroll service is operated on a modern technology platform – terra HR System.

terra Payroll

For customers who are small and medium businesses with a thin or overloaded HR department, who need to outsource payroll services to support the HR department.

terra Payroll is a service that helps businesses handle almost all payroll, personal income tax, insurance, etc. With over 18 years of experience in the field of consulting-tax-accounting, With a deep understanding of legal regulations, terra‘s human resources experts will assist businesses in handling payroll smoothly and accurately, avoiding legal risks. Besides, terra always accompanies consulting to build the payroll process, payroll and how to successfully apply the service to the operating process for businesses.

terra HR System

For customers who are small and medium businesses, who want to improve manual processes, improve internal communication systems at a reasonable cost.

With a simple and friendly management interface, terra HR System software helps customers process automatic payroll quickly and on time. In addition, terra‘s 1:1 customer care team will accompany businesses throughout the process of using the system, immediately solving problems that arise. In addition, terra HR System also fully integrates functions to support the entire process of the HR department such as recruitment, training, evaluation, etc.

With an extremely reasonable cost, while integrating consulting, technology and expertise, terra services provided to businesses will always be guaranteed 3 factors: Accuracy – Punctuality – Legality.

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