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The best timekeeping solution for manufacturing businesses



Managing timekeeping and calculating employee salaries is a problem that always causes headaches for many manufacturing businesses. The large number of staff, manual timekeeping using fingerprint machines, magnetic cards, or books all cause the human resources department, accounting and employees to spend a lot of time entering and synthesizing data.

Starting by using terra’s software and digitizing the timekeeping and payroll process, many manufacturing businesses can cut a series of manual operating and management costs, while optimizing resources and increasing productivity. working capacity for staff.


terra HR System – the best timekeeping solution for manufacturing businesses

Headache when managing timekeeping for manufacturing enterprises

Fingerprint time clock or magnetic card time clock is a popular device used in almost every business today. Compared to manual timekeeping methods, the above solutions have helped businesses save a lot of time in the human resources management process. However, timekeeping with magnetic cards or fingerprints is not the optimal solution, especially for businesses in the manufacturing industry, because it is inevitable that risks arise such as:

Expensive installation costs: Manufacturing enterprises with many facilities and factories located in different locations, requires the installation of fingerprint machines and card machines in each location.

Time-consuming to compile data: Timekeeping data needs to be exported from the computer to Excel to get salary calculation data. Therefore, if a business has many facilities, it is necessary to synthesize data from many timekeeping machines. The process of synthesizing data from many different sources will cause the human resources management department to consume a lot of time and effort.

Data management is especially difficult: For large businesses, with a number of up to hundreds or thousands of employees, plus employees have to frequently move between the production plant and the office. also makes timekeeping and data synthesis complicated. Not to mention, in cases where timekeeping data is recorded incorrectly and employees respond, it takes a lot of time for the management department to process it.

For example: A factory has 100 employees. Every month, when the payroll period comes, the human resources and accounting departments have to synthesize the work hours of these 100 people and compare them, creating a huge amount of timekeeping data, causing trouble, and wasting time. , cost, and effort.


Headache when managing timekeeping for manufacturing enterprises

Therefore, businesses, especially those in the manufacturing sector, always have characteristics that require the most optimal timekeeping and payroll management solutions. Because human resource information and timekeeping data are an important basis for businesses to calculate and pay salaries to employees. 

Therefore, optimization and security in timekeeping management always need to be given top priority. Aware of the importance of digitizing operating processes and organizing a streamlined apparatus to overcome the crisis and increase competitiveness, many manufacturing enterprises have chosen to innovate and simplify timekeeping. with the human resources management system terra HR System.

Innovation – Simplify timekeeping with the terra HR System solution

terra HR System’s timekeeping solution for manufacturing businesses

Time attendance via Wifi check-in, GPS, or AI camera

Just add a list of Wifi and timekeeping locations on the terra HR System, then when the employee’s phone is properly connected to Wifi / GPS positioning is turned on, timekeeping can be done. This method will be very convenient for businesses with many different branches or allows specific timekeeping points to be placed in locations such as factories, warehouses, or other important areas. This also helps accurately track working time in each area.


Easily set up timekeeping using your company’s local wifi


Just turn on GPS positioning to be able to time clock

In addition, the timekeeping phase is also combined with HANET cameras and wifi to record work hours. Cameras can be placed at the entrance/exit door so employees can perform timekeeping completely automatically. By self-identifying the In/Out employee, the camera will flash lights and sound when it recognizes the employee. The system also automatically notifies staff by phone in real-time.

Real-time timekeeping and standard Excel file export

All timekeeping data will always be updated directly daily and in real-time on the terra HR System. Based on the timesheet, the employee’s check-in/out time, timekeeping location or the number of hours/work the employee has worked during the month will be captured immediately. The system also shows the number of hours the employee is late or leaves early, the number of days the employee has taken off or the number of times the employee goes out.


All timekeeping data will always be updated live daily

Besides online updates on the system, terra HR System also allows businesses to export Excel files of timekeeping data, serving many different business purposes. This Excel file export table is processed automatically every day, so when necessary, you can export detailed files including work hours, hours of late/early departure, overtime, and overtime… immediately. Terra HR System’s timekeeping solution also allows you to export Excel files in and out according to each department, branch or time clock.

Benefits when applying terra HR System solution for manufacturing enterprises

Applying the terra HR System timekeeping and payroll management solution not only brings a quick, simple, and convenient timekeeping experience to users but also helps save costs and optimize resources for manufacturing businesses.

For the Management Board

– Helps track work location and movement, real-time monitoring of employees anytime, anywhere, without having to log in to the server (fingerprint machine data).

– Automate the process of synthesizing data, minimizing errors, and saving time on timekeeping, scheduling, assigning shifts, and approving and signing applications.

– Optimize human resources and control management costs effectively.

For accounting and human resources departments

– The system automatically checks and reports daily timekeeping data in real-time, helping to avoid the situation of work being pushed to the end of the month.

– Immediately identify and notify inaccurate data, saving time comparing data when there are errors.

– Receive timesheets and payroll compiled in real time automatically and with absolute accuracy.

For staff

– Reduce the time it takes for staff to extract fingerprints from timekeeping machines, innovate timekeeping methods, and make applications simpler, more convenient, and more proactive.

– Actively monitor weekly/monthly work shifts, and check timesheets and personal salaries at any time.

– Minimize conflicts, increase engagement with accounting, management and satisfaction with the working environment.

Process management software is the optimal tool to help businesses remove bottlenecks in management, contributing to streamlining operations and saving costs. With the optimal timekeeping solution from terra HR System, manufacturing businesses will not only save time but also increase accuracy and efficiency in human resource management.

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