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What Companies Need To Know About Hiring Gen Z



Generation Z (or Gen Z) currently accounts for 30% of the world’s population and is expected to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025. This will inevitably make a huge impact on the current labor market. As employers, businesses need a certain understanding of Gen Z to know how to attract and retain the next generation of talent.

Gen Z is dubbed “the first fully global generation”

Gen Z is a term used to refer to a group of people born between the second half of the 1990s and the early 2010s. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z individuals are those born and raised with technology, digital. This is also the generation that is expected to change the world in many ways. With limitless exposure and access to information, Gen Z frequently uses technology to communicate, collaborate, and generate ideas at work.

They have access to a wealth of knowledge about diverse, flexible, and comfortable working methods and styles. According to a survey by McKinsey, only 9% of Gen Z in Vietnam want to work full-time in an office. Modernizing the recruitment website, and creating an optimal and flexible working style… will attract more Gen Z candidates. In which, a hybrid office (working model combined with working form at the office, at home, or any convenient space, allowing employees to work from anywhere) was evaluated by Stanford Research will attract and retain effective talent, regardless of age Z or previous generations, by its ability to increase job satisfaction, engagement, and commitment.

Gen Z is the generation that accepts the challenge of growth and advancement

Some argue that Gen Z has emerged as a pragmatic, risk-averse generation, driven by pay and job security. However, this is not true. Data from the Ripple Match Gen Z candidate survey shows that career growth is especially important for Gen Z and that a lack of advancement can increase their propensity to job hopping in a few years.

  The importance of career advancement and development that goes beyond things like company reputation, compensation, and work-life balance… has shown that Gen Z is a generation willing to accept challenges to advance in capacity and career. Generation Z prioritizes jobs where they can expand their skills and experience. 

This means that employers need to retain talent by promoting personal growth. If Gen Z candidates don’t feel they are being offered career growth opportunities or don’t see a clear path to advancement, they may leave to look for those opportunities elsewhere.

Gen Z is a generation that focuses on diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion belong to Generation Z’s core values, and how businesses embody these values will affect their ability to attract and retain an entire generation of Gen Z talent. It’s no surprise that many Gen Z candidates and employees are looking for work and want to work for companies that value diversity, equality, and inclusion. According to a survey from Moster, 83% of Gen Z candidates said the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is important.

Each generation will have its characteristics, needs, and goals. Cultivating a corporate culture that respects diversity is critical to attracting and retaining Gen Z talent in today’s increasingly integrated and competitive job market. Enterprises need to create an environment in which all multi-generational employees can be engaged and inspired to learn, work and develop together.

Gen Z is the generation that knows how to set “boundaries”

According to the American Psychological Association, Gen Z is the most stressed generation. Growing up in an age of increased stress and anxiety from social media, Gen Z is very attentive to mental health and is actively raising awareness about the issue. They are the generation that knows how to set quite clear boundaries between work and life, by rejecting the “hustle culture” and working overtime. Because of the demarcation to ensure the quality of spiritual life, many members of Gen Z have been associated with many negative descriptions such as insensitive, lazy, and lack of rules …

Many businesses have now transformed to support Generation Z by offering a combined in-person/remote work schedule, allowing employees to take mental health days off and implement a four-day workweek. The rejection of the culture of hustle or overtime has been spread and advocated not only by the Gen Z community but also by diverse generations in many media.

This shows that setting boundaries for healthy life balance and self-development is an inevitable trend in modern society. Generation Z is the generation that is keen on reshaping their work culture and contributing to the improvement of the community’s work culture.

Gen Z is the generation that lives by the principles of entrepreneurship

Considered as the “trending” generation, Gen Z is strongly aware of personal branding, as well as the desire to find a new and different direction for themselves. Unlike previous generations, Generation Z is extremely independent in their career orientation. Gen Z students are ready to join startups or start their own businesses, do not hesitate to do freelance work (freelancer), or at non-profit organizations to show the clear tendencies of “the future social activist”.

Even if Gen Z doesn’t work at a startup, they still want to work for a company that embodies the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation. They want to move away from rigid duties and responsibilities, towards learning new skills and taking on a variety of roles.

Since many Gen Zers are new to the workforce and are still learning about their unique interests and skills, they’re looking for employers who accept diversity, not shy away from it. Try new things and take a practical approach. They want a sense of autonomy in their careers and look for companies that allow them to express what they care about and give them the right opportunities.

Generation Z has had a positive impact on society’s workforce and business. They are the new core force of the company in the future. Understanding and meeting the expectations of Gen Z, as well as the expectations of each different generation, will make an important contribution to the development of the business.

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