terra is a human resource management ecosystem developed by Vina Payroll Outsourcing Co., Ltd. (VPO). Customer: is the business using terra ecosystem including terra HR System, terra Payroll and terra Academy. terra will ensure the security of the information provided by the Customer using terra ecosystem in accordance with the Terms policy described below. Customers choose to use terra ecosystem for their businesses means that they agree to these Terms and Privacy policy. terra has the right to modify these Terms of use at any time. We will notify the Customer when there is an update on new Terms.




While using the terra HR System, the employee of customer will be provided an account and password. During the process of using terra HR System, the Customer must ensure the following obligations:

  • The employee of customer is fully responsible for preserving his/her account, password and any operations with the account.
  • The customer will be provided one unique Admin account. Customers can create a certain number of accounts for their employees to participate in using the system. The number of accounts can be created depending on the subscription fee.
  • Customers must notify terra immediately if anyone uses their account or password without permission, or notice any security issue. terra cannot and will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or other responsibility if the Customer fails to comply with these Terms and Private policy above.

All of the Customer information and user accounts data stored on terra will be secure to avoid the risk of information being leaked or damaged. terra will implement and maintain all necessary security within VPO’s ability to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the Customer’s data.

terra commitment:

  • Do not actively change the data generated by the Customer.
  • Do not access Customer’s data except in the case of technical support, error correction requested by Customer, or in cases where it is required by the law.
  • Do not disclose Customer’s data information except in one of the following cases:
    • (i) Having the Customer’s approval;
    • (ii) In accordance with the law;
    • (iii) Cases specified in these Terms and Privacy policy;
  • Personal information and data of user accounts in the same business will also be secured to avoid Customer’s internal information leakage.

In addition, when the Customer agrees to use terra, together with the service contract, terra will sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the Customer. In the case of problems related to security and information leakage, terra will commit to comply with the terms of this NDA.


Customer Data is all the information that the Customer submits, uploads, or any method that makes that information visible on the Customer’s terra systems. Such data includes employee information, salary information, payslips, payroll, personal information, work-related content, and all information displayed on the Customer’s terra system.

Customer’s data includes all information, documents, contract documents, account list, and lists of Customer’s employees. The customer has the right to use and control the data posted on the Customer’s terra system.

Customers may check (including the request to disclose access log for Information stored by Customer or Information converted to data by VPO) the information management status of terra at any time.
terra does not own any data that the Customer uploads to terra; except for documents and/or manuals that are publicly provided by terra to the Customer.

Submission of data on terra HR System is dependent on the Customer. However, the Customer is not allowed to post data that interferes with or damages the terra (including but not limited to unauthorized access to terra HR System through any mechanical methods).

terra reserves the right to disable the Customer’s access to the content of data if such data is determined to violate the content of these Terms.



This Terms and Privacy Policy is effective from the date of Customer’s approval of using terra HR System and terminates upon expiration of all accounts issued with this Agreement. In the case of trial, if the Customer does not convert to the system subscription before the trial expires, this agreement will be terminated upon the expiration of the trial.



terra has the right to suspend the Customer’s use in the following cases:

  • When there is an agreement between the Customer and the terra on the termination of the agreement.
  • The customer fails to perform the obligation to the payment deadline after the terra has sent a notice requesting payment 30-day beforehand.
  • terra believes that the Customer’s use of the terra HR System is harmful to terra and other entities

Force majeure events are events that occur objectively and beyond the control of the Parties, or have not been fully anticipated . The failure of a Party to fulfill its obligations due to a force majeure event shall not be the reason for the other party to terminate the contract and compensate for damages. However, the Party affected by the force majeure event is obliged to:

  • Implement reasonable and necessary methods to minimize the impact caused by force majeure events.
  • Notify in paper to the other party about the case of being exempted from liability and possible consequences due to the force majeure event within 03 days immediately after having proof to determine the occurrence of the force majeure event could directly affect the ability to obligate contract terms.

All disputes or disagreements that occur between the two parties will be resolved in the spirit of cooperation. In case the two parties cannot negotiate the results, the settlement will be decided according to the process of the relevant authorities.

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