13th Salary: Everything You Need To Know


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Webinar information:

Organizer: terra

Time: December 22, 2022 (10.00 AM – 10:45 AM)

Platform: Zoom Online

Employees, human resources departments, and companies all pay close attention to wage and bonus concerns towards the end of the year. The 13th month salary is often a hot issue to debate during this period since it is a bonus obtained after a full year of labor.

“Are businesses compelled to give employees a 13th month’s salary? How is the pay for the 13th month calculated? Are taxes and social insurance withheld from the 13th month’s pay?” and hundreds of additional concerns about earning a 13th month’s compensation.

Salary is a factor that helps employees feel secure to contribute, create value for the company, and at the same time ensure the productivity of the business. Therefore, with the topic of 13th MONTH SALARY AND NOTICES THAT CAN’T IGNORE, terra’s Webinar will provide and answer questions not only of employees, the human resources department but also the whole business when paying. pay the salary at the end of this year.

Through the Webinar, let’s listen to the speakers share about:

1. Myths about bonuses and 13th month salary

2. Popular 13th month salary calculation methods

3. Tax refund of 13th month salary and bonus

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