Finalization of PIT 2022: The obligation of individual or business?


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Webinar information:

► Organizer: terra

► Time: February 23, 2023 (10.00 AM – 11:15 AM)

 Platform: Zoom Online

Finalization of personal income tax (PIT) can be considered a very complex tax compliance process for both individuals and businesses today. Employees and businesses tend to have many questions because they do not fully comprehend the problem of PIT finalization, such as:

– In what circumstances must people self-finalize their personal income tax returns?

– What are the key points to remember during the PIT finalization process?

– How will persons who do not have a tax identification number be dealt with?

Understanding the demands of employees and businesses, via the Webinar “Finalization of PIT 2022: The obligation of individual or business?” terra will give and share essential knowledge in this subject.

To answer the aforementioned issues while overcoming challenges, contribute to helping businesses plan effectively and avoid mistakes in the compliance process, and execute well the PIT finalization requirements for both individuals and businesses, terra organized the Webinar “Finalization of PIT 2022: The obligation of individual or business?”. The main points were covered:

– A brief explanation of the PIT finalization duty

– PIT Calculation Guide for Individuals and Businesses

– Notes analysis throughout the PIT finalization process

– Responding to PIT finalization queries

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