The terra house

Looking for an opportunity to assert yourself and develop your career? Let’s take a look at “The terra house” to see if we belong together!

terra - An ideal working place

Established in 2020, terra offers a variety of services to comprehensively support
the HR department of businesses in Vietnam.

As one of the leading solution groups in the field of integrating technology and
consulting into human resource management,
terra emphasizes the importance of creating an ideal working place, include:

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The team performs business development, including customer seeking and supporting, implementing the human resource management system rental service – terra HR System, along with consulting and offering solutions to support for businesses’ digital transformation.

The team undertakes and implements terra Payroll services, including payroll , compensation calculation, PIT, social insurance, etc, and assists customers with procedural concerns.

The team manages terra’s social media platforms, identifies target consumers, and develops brand development strategies, combining to support other departments to implement marketing plans.

The team is in charge of building and developing the comprehensive human resource management system – terra HR System, as well as receiving and resolving system-related issues.

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