Comprehensive solutions for
human resource management

Developed by VINA PAYROLL OUTSOURCING CO., LTD - a member of I-GLOCAL group, terra provides Comprehensive Solutions for Human Resource Management with a wide range of services, to offer thegreatest assistance for the HR department.

3 main services of terra

Human Resource Management System

A comprehensive human resource management system that supports business administration on a specific platform and is conveniently available at any time, from any location via online and mobile apps.

terra HR System provides many services for the human resource department including: Attendance Management, Payroll Calculation, Employee Data Management, Time-off & Overtime Permission, Social Insurance, Recruitment, Labor Contract, Training and Performance Management.

Payroll service

In order to assist the human resource department in removing the majority of manual work and shorten the time required for data gathering, terra Payroll is connected with human resource management system and automatic payroll software.

With the expertise in both technology and experience of terra Team, terra assures that payroll calculation process is completed properly, efficiently with reasonable cost.


Training and information sharing projects

terra Academy is a educating project on human resources and business administration to support human resources and business administration for terra's partners and customers as well as students and the Vietnamese human resources community.

Based on the knowledge and experience during partnering with businesses, terra Academy will be a valuable program that will assist corporate employees in systematizing and applying specialist knowledge to business activities professionally and effectively.

WHY terra?

Modern HR
managing solution

More than a service provider, with the aim to
combine technology and consulting experience
in HR professions, terra wants to cooperate with
customers to establish a flexible, successful

20 years experience in business consulting from I-GLOCAL group

VPO, a member of Japan's leading tax - accounting
- investment consulting group I-GLOCAL,
has built terra solutions based on the orientation,
guidance, and support of an experienced human resource management team.

Save cost for
your company

Understanding the concerns of businesses when
it comes to selecting and implementing human
resource management solutions, terra offers
a variety of services at reasonable costs, suitable
for many different types of businesses.

Professional consulting team

terra Team is always ready to support,
comprehensively handle any difficulties,
consult and answer questions for
businesses through the usage process.
for bussinesses


terra's NEWS

Effective Information or Embracing Modern
Management: Leveraging Tradition


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