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Information security in human resource management



Information security is always a major concern in the modern working environment, an important factor that any business places top priority, especially in human resource management and payroll. Protecting employee personal information is not only the responsibility of the human resources department but is also an important part of maintaining security and reputation for the business.

How to Protect Personal Information

To ensure safety and effectiveness in securing personal information, the most optimal method is to minimize the involvement of manual work in the process of updating, storing, and adjusting information related to personal information. staff. By minimizing human intervention in data management activities, we can reduce the risk of information compromise due to confusion, omissions, or errors during data processing.

Limitation of storing paper records

Using paper records to store personnel information brings many risks such as data loss, increased confirmation and update times, reduced information accessibility, and personal information security risks. core. Despite facing high storage and preservation costs along with ineffective information search capabilities, businesses’ choice to use electronic storage systems instead of traditional paper records is not effective. not only helps reduce the risk of loss and unauthorized access, but also facilitates the optimization of the information search process.


Data security in human resource management

Limitations on manual salary calculation

The manual payroll process not only takes a lot of time but is also prone to errors during data compilation. The complexity of factors such as bonuses, penalties, and tax regulations increases the risk of errors and reduces efficiency in the payroll management process. Not only is there a great risk of errors, but there is also the potential risk of salary information leaking. Possible risks include: salary information goes through many processing steps from collection to calculation and storage; risks from human resources when manual processes require the intervention of many people in the department; or the lack of security tools such as data encryption also increases the possibility of salary information leaks. To ensure accuracy and information security, switching to using automated tools in the payroll process is an important step. These tools not only minimize the possibility of errors but also increase transparency and safety in salary management.

Summary of information in the same file

Putting related information into a single data file will help personnel improve management efficiency and avoid fragmented information. So,Currently, many businesses are aiming to use solutions that combine human resources support tools to improve performance and ensure accuracy in the payroll process.In particular, using a solution to outsource payroll services and integrate with human resource management software is highly appreciated… Because this not only helps businesses access advanced technology but also optimizes the salary management process effectively, while ensuring transparency and information security throughout the entire human resources management process.

Case Study on Information Security: Salary Information Leaks

An employee mistakenly sent the salary results of employee A to employee B. The consequences of leaking salary information can lead to serious legal problems and loss of business reputation. Carelessness in managing salary information can affect relationships between employees and negatively affect the company’s image in the eyes of both employees and business partners.

➩ To overcome this situation and prevent similar risks in the future, using a payroll outsourcing solution that integrates a human resources management system is an effective solution. When using the human resources management system, personal information and salary of each employee will be stored on the platform with access rights only for that employee and the Human Resources – Management department. And if the human resources management system is integrated with the payroll service, at the end of the month, the payroll team will use data stored on the system, perform salary calculations and automatically send salary slips to the email address. previously installed, both ensuring an accurate payroll process, minimizing errors and at the same time reducing the risk of sending wrong information between employees.

terra – Solution group supporting businesses for information security issues

terra HR System – Store information effectively

terra HR System is not simply a system that helps solve the problem of “Salary information leakage” mentioned above, but is also an advanced human resources management system that fully meets the requirements of information management. HR information to labor contract management, including:

– Employee data management

– Attendance 

– Time off, Overtime permission management

– Payroll calculation

– Social insurance management

– Recruitment management

– Labor contract management

– Training management

– Performance management

For the human resource data management feature, terra highly emphasizes information security, specifically when accessing the screen. At Personal information tab, click on function Information manage, only Human Resources – Managers in the enterprise can update, access or edit employee information. This feature helps businesses limit the storage of paper records, save time when exporting payroll data, and also facilitate information synthesis on the same platform.


Record keeping function of terra HR System

In addition, terra HR System also has authority according to assigned functions. This feature will support access restriction between departments: Users belonging to a specific department only have permission to access and manage information related to their department. For example, employees in the Human Resources department can only view and edit HR information, recruitment management, and HR-related functions.


Decentralization and access function of terra HR System

Besides, terra HR System always emphasizes security because the system applies strong encryption algorithms and biometric login feature. This not only prevents the risk of password loss but also enhances authentication and system security.

With terra HR System, data security is a top priority. The system uses strong security measures to ensure that personnel information is kept safe, while providing flexible access management to reduce the risk of information leakage.

Experience it now at: Human Resources Management System – Free Demo|terra HR System

terra Payroll – Ensures optimal payroll process

Is the solution most used by many businesses, kWhen using the terra Payroll service, customers will experience the terra HR system for free.. Due to integration across the system, terra Payroll brings many important benefits such as:

– The system ensures a high level of accuracy when synthesizing payroll data, thereby minimizing errors.

– Because it is an outsourced payroll team, it will limit the situation of knowing the level of internal salary information.

– Ensure timely and legal compliance, reducing legal risks.

Information security is an important factor in human resource management and payroll calculation. Applying modern security measures and using information management systems is important to protect employee personal information and maintain business reputation. Invest in information security solutions to ensure safety and reliability in your work environment.

terra is not only a human resource management tool, but also a reliable partner, helping businesses manage human resource information effectively and securely. Put your trust in terra to experience modernity and convenience in your human resource management!

Experience it now at: Payroll service – Technology integration | terra Payroll

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