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Effective Information Management: Leveraging Tradition or Embracing Modern Innovation?



Facing the fragmentation and dispersal of information in businesses, managing information by using Excel and traditional paperwork has become a significant challenge for many enterprises. Below is an overview of common issues and effective solutions.

Common Issues in Information Management

Managing business information using Excel has become an essential part of many businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. With its flexible calculation capabilities and user-friendly interface, Excel has brought numerous advantages for organizing and tracking business data. However, at present, as technology continues to advance, managing information with Excel has encountered significant limitations and challenges. Some key disadvantages of using Excel include data fragmentation, difficulties in synthesizing information, and particularly, a need for more flexibility in the management process.


Information management with Excel presents considerable limitations and challenges.

Data Fragmentation

Managing business information with Excel has become crucial for many businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. While Excel offers flexible calculations and a user-friendly interface, it presents limitations and considerable challenges in the current era of advancing technology. The primary disadvantages of using Excel include data fragmentation, difficulties in synthesizing information, and, notably, inflexibility in management processes.

Document Format Rigidity and Updates


Dealing with formats that are difficult to change and update is one of the important disadvantages.

Adapting to the rapidly changing technology landscape and continuous updating requirements poses complexity and challenges in managing data with Excel. It cannot be denied that Excel’s calculation tools are very rich and provide accurate data analysis capabilities. However, dealing with inflexible formatting in Excel is a significant disadvantage when a business wants to change the current structure or format of a spreadsheet to meet new requirements. Making such adjustments often requires in-depth Excel knowledge and increases the risk of data loss or errors during the process.

Difficulty in Sharing Information and Leakage Risks

One notable drawback when managing data with Excel is the potential lack of transparency, difficulty in sharing information, and access control challenges. When multiple users access and update a consolidated file simultaneously, information may be overwritten or data conflicts may arise, compromising data consistency. Moreover, the business may lose control and management of data, leading to the risk of information leakage.

Modern Information Management Solution – terra HR System

In the context of a business environment demanding speed and flexibility, managing information with Excel can be a significant limitation. With technological advancements, modern information management solutions have emerged, offering comprehensive and highly integrated capabilities. Considering and adopting specialized information management systems can help businesses enhance efficiency, save time, and increase professionalism in information management. These issues can be effectively addressed when a business chooses to use the terra HR System.


terra HR System is also a modern solution that fully meets the needs of businesses.


Both employees and businesses can check the payroll information on terra HR System

One of the terra HR System’s most significant advantages lies in its ability to allow employees to manage their personal information. Each employee has their own account, increasing transparency in HR management and reducing the risk of errors related to personal, salary, and insurance information.

Employees can independently check their information through the system by navigating to “Personal Information” and selecting the “Information Management” function. This feature resolves many drawbacks associated with using traditional Excel-based information management methods.


Users can access quickly through mobile applications and website.

Another essential strength of terra HR System is the ability to quickly and conveniently access information through the mobile application and website. This not only provides flexibility for employees but also offers convenient conditions for managers to update, track, and reconcile data easily from anywhere at any time.

Beyond being a mere information management tool, terra HR System is a modern solution that fully meets the needs of businesses in human resources and related information management. This translates to improved work efficiency and the creation of a working environment in which everyone can trust and actively manage their personal information.

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