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Regulations on Break Time: Everything Workers Need to Know



Break time plays a crucial role in achieving a healthy work-life balance, which is a top priority for all workers. Let’s explore the latest regulations on break time to safeguard our rights and well-being in today’s ever-changing and challenging working environment.


Regulations on Break Time: Everything Workers Need to Know

The Importance and Meaning of Break Time

Break time refers to the period when workers are exempt from work during their working hours, allowing them to rest and recharge both mentally and physically after each work phase. The duration of break time is usually governed by labor laws or set by employers based on legal regulations and specific working conditions.

Since the early 19th century, it has been recognized that prolonged work without breaks puts significant strain on the body and leads to various health issues. Today, break time is one of the most critical factors in labor laws to protect the rights and health of workers. Taking breaks helps reduce stress, improves concentration, and lowers the risk of overwork-related illnesses or injuries.

Break time regulations may vary depending on the country, region, or industry. However, the common goal is to ensure better working conditions, fair treatment, and create an efficient and healthy work environment.


Break time is essential for the health of workers

Daily Break Time Regulations

According to the Vietnam Labor Code 2019, for hourly workers, employers must provide daily break time. The duration of break time depends on the number of working hours per day.

– If the worker works from 4 to under 8 hours per day, the usual break time is 30 minutes.

– If the worker works 8 hours or more per day, the usual break time is 1 hour.

However, in cases where the nature of the job demands or by mutual agreement between the worker and employer, the break time can be adjusted but not less than 30 minutes.


The duration of break time depends on the number of working hours

Weekly Break Time Regulations and Special Cases

Besides daily break time, the Labor Code also ensures workers’ rights through weekly break time. Specifically, after 6 consecutive working days, workers are entitled to at least 24 continuous hours off (one day off) for rest and rejuvenation.

Moreover, the Labor Code addresses some special cases related to break time:

– Public holidays and Tet holidays: Workers will be granted time off on national holidays and Tet holidays as prescribed by the State. Currently, the total annual holidays are 11 days.

– Nature of the job: Workers in environments with harmful or hazardous factors are subject to stricter break time standards according to national technical criteria and related laws.

– Targeted workers: Pregnant women or women breastfeeding are entitled to additional break time. Specifically, female workers during the period of nursing children under 12 months old are allowed to take 60 minutes off each working day and receive full salary as stipulated in the labor contract.


Break time regulations differ for each category of workers

Break time regulations may change in the future to adapt to new economic and social requirements. Therefore, individuals should stay updated with the latest information and comply with the current regulations to protect their rights. If you need specific information about break time, contact the human resources department or management to receive accurate information about your company’s labor policies.

Ensuring proper implementation of break time regulations is not only the responsibility of workers but also of management and organizations. Creating a work environment that respects, supports, and empathizes with employees’ needs benefits both parties. We hope that through this article, regardless of your background, you now have a comprehensive understanding of break time regulations for workers.

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