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How to choose the proper payroll service provider?



In order to solve the situation of slow and inaccurate salary payment, many businesses use outsourced payroll services to save costs and focus human resources on core business activities. So how to choose the proper payroll service provider for your business?

What is payroll service?

Payroll service (outsourced salary calculation) is a service to support businesses in managing salaries, bonuses, and deductions according to salary. Payroll activity covers a fairly broad category in accounting, not only the calculation, and payment of wages and bonuses, but also a number of jobs related to records, procedures, insurance, etc. for employees.


Outsourcing payroll services is becoming a trend for businesses.

The above tasks are often required to be performed quickly and accurately while ensuring compliance with regulations. Contrary to the requirements set out, every month, businesses have to spend a lot of time dealing with administrative agencies such as the Department of Labor, tax authorities, and insurance agencies. Therefore, salary calculation often becomes a burden of time, cost, and human resources for enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises.

To solve the above situation, outsourcing payroll is the first choice for businesses… Instead of using the traditional manual payroll system with many risks of information security and high error rate, businesses Businesses should prioritize using outsourced payroll services. The payroll service provider will guarantee concerns about information leakage, and at the same time, accurately and quickly calculate payroll for employees.

When outsourcing payroll services, the first benefit businesses get is the reduction of both costs and administrative burden for personnel (HR). Besides, when using outsourced payroll services, companies will be able to focus their time and human resources on core issues, strategies, etc. to serve their goals of survival and development in the context of a competitive global economy.

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Things businesses need to keep in mind when choosing a payroll service

Transparent cost structure

Expenses should be declared transparently and clearly.

First, businesses need to consult the service price list. For small businesses, cost savings is always a top concern. Therefore, companies that provide payroll services with low prices and many incentives often easily attract the choice of businesses. However, in some providers, in addition to the monthly service fee, businesses may have to pay some other additional costs, also known as hidden fees. For example, some payroll companies will charge an additional fee when a business adds new employees, or when a business requires a payroll summary report for a specific period. Therefore, businesses need to be wary of hidden fees, especially when the original cost of the service seems too good. To prevent problems arising from hidden fees, businesses can ask suppliers for clarity, especially on terms that may incur additional fees in the future, before making a decision for the proper payroll service provider.

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 Advanced technology

Priority is given to units with modern and advanced software systems.

Modern technology will help keep information safe and ensure the fastest and most efficient payroll process. Service providers understand this, so they always strive to equip themselves with the latest software and technology. But because each company will have a different level of technology investment, management needs to make sure the service partner has an integrated software system that is compatible with the company’s current accounting and HR systems. This will give businesses more flexibility in controlling the payroll process and deliver outstanding results. In addition, businesses should openly discuss privacy, data storage, and protection, monthly payroll numbers, different pay periods, or any other specific needs.

Choosing a reputable payroll service provider

Businesses need to check the reliability of the unit before registering to use the service.

Checking the reputation of the payroll service provider is one of the top considerations for businesses before making a choice to use the service. To be able to ensure this, businesses should actively find out the details of the service company, specifically the relevant documents, and certificates. Is the information provided by that unit transparent, is the staff professional and knowledgeable about the law? In addition, businesses should also consult reviews from customers who have used the service.

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Fully meeting the required criteria, terra is confident to be a reliable outsourced payroll service provider and bring maximum efficiency to businesses. With a system integrated with automated software and a friendly interface, terra’s payroll service promises to bring businesses and employees a great experience. Customers can choose to perform a package service or individual service packages, including payroll management, personal income tax management, income tax finalization for individuals and businesses, and management. social insurance. Providing a public, transparent service price list and reasonable service costs, terra Payroll ensures to provide businesses with a payroll system with high security, ease of use, and multi-language support along with some other administrative features, meeting the requirements of Time Saving – Quickness – Accuracy from customers.

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