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Top 5 HR trends for 2023 and future



The HR industry is being revolutionized at a rapid pace thanks to the advancement of modern technology. Therefore, updating the top HR trends is very important for recruiters and HR teams to grasp the right direction. Let’s quickly take a look at the top 5 HR trends today!


Top 5 HR trends for 2023 and future

HR trends focus on holistic benefits

Research by the McKinsey Health Institute shows that one in every four employees globally will report symptoms of burnout. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), burnout is “a syndrome caused by uncontrolled chronic stress in the workplace”. Currently, to solve this stressful situation, many companies and enterprises tend to have a more comprehensive approach to employee welfare and move towards building an organization according to the concept of “Healthy Organization”. (The Healthy Organization Framework).

The HR trend of focusing on comprehensive benefits based on “Healthy Organization” has not only supported employees to deal with financial stress but also mental stress. The framework of the “Healthy Organization” includes elements such as:

– Physical health

– Mental health

– Financial balance

– Health and community care services

– Safe workspace

– Healthy work culture


HR trends focus on comprehensive benefits to solve the “stress” situation for employees

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement (DEIB) HR trends

The phrase DEIB, which stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, has become a common criterion in HR trends of most organizations. current position or business.

DEIB initiatives have contributed to addressing HR issues such as discrimination, harassment, unfair wages, and other inequalities in the workplace. Delloite’s research shows that DEIB initiatives not only benefit workers but also benefit businesses such as:

– 56% increase in work efficiency

– 50% reduction in revenue risk

– 167% increase in employee engagement/satisfaction (eNPS)

– 75% off employee sick days

Realizing the specific and great benefits, contributing to sustainable development that the DEIB trend brings, 79% of surveyed companies said that they have increased their investment budget for DEIB in 2022.


DEIB is a top concern today

Trends to improve HR skills

The enhancement of transferable skills, in addition to specialized knowledge in human resources, has always been a focus during the past time and is one of the leading HR trends in the future.

Some highly appreciated skills in current HR trends include Critical thinking skills; Good communication skills (Communication Skills); Decision-Making Skills; Knowledge and skills in information and communication technology; Emotional Intelligence (EQ)…

Research on human resources by Dave Ulrich shows that improving HR skills will accelerate business performance, improve people capacity and improve collaboration to simplify complex work processes. complex. These are also very important to affirm the position of workers in the digital age when artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually replacing humans in office tasks.

Data-driven HR analytics trends

The HR Data Culture report shows that the top companies are the ones that invest in HR analytics data at scale. The report also found that nearly 90% of HR managers identify data and data-driven HR analytics as an essential part of their current HR strategy.

Data-driven analytics trends make important contributions to activities such as: recommending and sustaining strategic decisions, increasing diversity, inclusion and employee engagement, creating an AI talent analysis to select and retain talent…

Today, the importance of HR Analytics is also driven by technological advancements, which require understanding and skills in using modern HR analysis tools from both HR professionals and HR professionals. bright employees in the digital age.


Data-driven HR analytics is a strategic solution for HR operations

The rising trend of HR algorithms

This is probably one of the HR trends that will significantly change the future HR industry. By 2023, the majority of organizations have started automating employee recruitment using HR algorithms. According to research firm IDC, 80% of 2,000 global companies will use algorithms to recruit, train and fire employees by 2024. The PwC company report also indicates that 40% of departments HR in international companies have incorporated AI applications to increase recruitment efficiency, while improving employee engagement and retention.

Human resource algorithms not only save time and cost for the recruitment process, but also assist in comparing the skills of each candidate to find the best fit for the job requirements in a fair and equitable manner and transparent. However, in general, the algorithm is only supportive and human expertise still plays a central role.


HR algorithms are predicted to dominate the future HR industry

Capturing HR trends as soon as possible will help organizations and businesses choose and refine their HR strategies accordingly. However, it is also necessary to have a thorough internal research and assessment of the business with the market to have an appropriate strategy for human resource activities. 

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