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Productivity tips for modern workers


Working efficiently and productively is always an important requirement for every worker. Modern workers are faced with more productivity challenges than ever before. Let terra solve this problem by exploring the following productivity tips for the modern worker.

To increase productivity for modern workers, it is necessary to have a trendy “tip”

Modern labor: From information overload to burnout in the digital age

In today’s context, modern workers in particular, and each individual in society in general are facing and solving problems related to “labor productivity”. Most modern workers have experienced information overload or even digital burnout.

 With the strong rise of the Internet and social networks, the amount of information that people have access to is expanding more than ever. Information overload is a phrase that refers to when we try to absorb more information than the brain can handle and thus lead to stress and stagnation. When this overload occurs in forms of social interaction, especially in the work environment, it is often difficult for workers to dissipate that overwhelming stress. 

Modern workers easily face information overload or even burnout in the digital age

Research from Indeed in early 2020, found that as many as 52% of employees feel burned out. Online searches for “signs of burnout” have also increased 24% throughout 2020 from the previous year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), burnout is “a syndrome caused by uncontrolled chronic stress in the workplace”. The stress of information overload and burnout in the digital age can cause productivity decline and this is also a situation that most modern workers have to deal with.

Productivity tips for modern workers

Increase productivity by identifying areas of essential information

In the Internet age, we have faster and more convenient access to information than ever before. However, this constant flood of information can be overwhelming and lead to reduced productivity. A survey by the American Institute of Stress mentioned that distraction leading to a lack of control over work is an important reason for the decline in work productivity. To avoid information overload, establish effective information goals. Ask yourself what you want to know and what is necessary for your work to be able to focus effectively and eliminate redundant information.

Set up the necessary information contained in the working process to improve labor productivity

Increase productivity by understanding your distraction patterns

Understanding the nature of distractions will help you understand yourself, better prepare to deal with distractions, and increase productivity. Every time you start to lose focus, make a list and note the distractions. Typically, there are three main types of distracting distractions:

– Emotional distractions, such as feeling nostalgic, grieving a recent event

– Physical distractions, such as aches and pains, illness

– Environmental distractions, such as loud noises or excessively cold room temperatures

Observe and record distractions, and create a systematic workflow to fix them. Practicing mindfulness techniques like breathing exercises and meditation can also help improve productivity. 

Meditation can help in improving productivity

Increase productivity by reframing the way you think about work

In the Global Human Capital Trends survey, 93% of employees surveyed said that a sense of belonging at work boosts their performance. The way an individual thinks and feels about work is significantly related to their productivity. A person who is completely passionate and enthusiastic about his work will work hard to improve the reputation and interests of the organization. In contrast, an employee with a negative feeling about work will maintain a state of stress at work, affecting work productivity in particular and quality of life in general.

The way you think and feel about work is significantly linked to productivity

No job is perfect. What we need to do is change the way we see work so that we can proactively manage it. Think about the pros and cons of your work to make a conscious effort and adjust your work in the most positive and achievable way.

Increase productivity by incorporating laughter and movement into your workday

Research on CNBC shows that laughter activates neurotransmitters like Dopamine and Serotonin. When these “happy” hormones increase in the body, it helps you feel happier, more excited, and more focused at work. Physical movements also improve concentration. If you know how to combine exercise and moderation, you will improve your ability to focus, communicate fluently, and solve problems. Incorporating laughter and movement into the workday is also an especially useful tip for workers adapting to work from home for the first time – the predictable work model. will become more and more popular shortly.

Combine laughter and movement to make your workday more productive

Increase productivity by recognizing and rewarding yourself regularly 

According to a Redballoon survey on recognition and reward, 43% of workers prefer verbal recognition with their manager, 10% want public recognition in front of colleagues, and 9% want recognition. privately in writing. Recognition or reward will bring motivation, and increase feelings of pride and confidence in work.

Recognition and reward are closely related to labor productivity

Motivational expectations theory also shows that people are more likely to complete a task when they have the recognition that their efforts will lead to a positive outcome. If you still haven’t received recognition from your organization, maximize your productivity by attaching a reward – a practical recognition for each major milestone you achieve. This reward should have a specific meaning enough to motivate you to keep getting work done productively and creatively.

Increase productivity using productivity tools

In today’s technology era, automation management tools are increasingly being used. Finding and using the right tools for the workflow can improve productivity for each modern worker in particular and each progressive organization in general.

Apply automation management tools to your workflow to improve productivity

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