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Removing “bad reputation” as being demanding, job hoppers for Gen Z



In contemporary society, when the boundaries between technology and other fields are increasingly blurred, young people have become an indispensable human resource for businesses. It is predicted that by 2025, 1 in 4 working people will be represented by Gen Z. With characteristics such as “flexible”, “independent thinking”, “creative”, Gen Z is gradually showing its important role in the labor market. However, this is also the generation that causes businesses and employers headaches because of high requirements, difficult to manage, and is always ready to change jobs if it feels that the current working environment is not suitable. Therefore, the following article will clarify the above statements of businesses, and help businesses better understand this human resource.

Gen Z is too demanding and dreamy

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z was born and raised in the age of the ubiquitous Internet. Therefore, their needs in terms of quality of space and working processes are also new and more diverse than Gen X and Gen Y. Some argue that these differences make up the characteristics of the work. Modern, creative and dynamic generation of Gen Z, but that is also the reason why they suffer from some “bad reputation” such as “requiring a lot, job hopping a lot”. So what do digital citizens expect from their workplace?

In this regard, Thu Van (23 years old, 3 job-hopping times in three years) shared: “There is no company that I have been with for more than two years. Apart from salary, bonus and welfare, what I care most about is this. Once I realize that the working environment is no longer conducive to growth, I am ready to leave to take advantage of opportunities and richer working experiences in other places.”

It can be seen that the young generation always expects a dynamic, creative and open working space. If you ask the question “What do you want from your workplace?” With Gen Z candidates, employers may receive a list of personal requirements such as flexible working hours, relationships with colleagues, the need to speak, give suggestions… Besides, professional, developing and high-technology working environments are also among the things that this generation cares about first.

On a life forum, T.A, a long-time HR worker, said: “Instead of most of the interviews for HR to assess the candidate’s ability, Gen Z candidates take advantage of this opportunity. to find out if the company meets all of your requirements.” “Ensuring employees’ rights is the responsibility of the business. But with too many individual requirements, businesses can’t handle it all,” said T.A.

So from a more objective perspective, are Gen Z’s wishes really as unreasonable as many people think?

Removing “bad reputation” for Gen Z

The point of view of gen Z

Each generation has its own needs and desires about an ideal working environment. Different from Gen X and Y, Gen Z was raised in the boom of information technology and social networking platforms, with more opportunities and tools to express their personal voice. This has created a characteristic of the young generation – without hesitation and always “speak out” for their wishes. In rare cases, Gen Z’s demands can be seen as unreasonable and unrealistic, but businesses and employers should also consider the legitimate and feasible aspirations that contribute to improving the quality of work processes. Human resources also need to have an understanding of the issues of Generation Z employees, in order to upgrade and modernize the business.

In line with the pursuits of a freedom-loving generation, saying no to the framework are the factors that are set for businesses when they want to attract this young human resource. This proves that businesses need to be flexible, get rid of prejudices to stimulate the potential and creativity of employees. Especially in the field of technology – the factor is considered a “guideline”, the main influence on Gen Z’s assessment of a working environment that is qualified for them to develop the best in both capacity and personality. close. Therefore, it can be said that this is one of the positive factors that deserve attention and investment attention from businesses. Because, Gen Z is the first generation to grow up associated with technology, with smartphones. Phones and networking are how they communicate, use information, connect to opportunities, and learn new things. They are active, fast, and independent learners who want to connect everything they hear, see, and read with the real world. As digital citizens, instead of blocking Gen Z’s constant need for technology, businesses need to give them the opportunity to learn and apply their technology skills by integrating technology into their digital lives. corporate governance and operations.

To simplify this process, businesses can integrate technology through the use of human resource management software.

terra HR System – Solutions for integrating technology into businesses

As a modern group of human resource management solutions for businesses, terra offers a variety of support solutions, including terra HR System – a comprehensive human resource management platform. With a simple interface, just enough functionality, terra HR System is the optimal solution for businesses who want to build a modern working environment for the younger generation of employees while keeping an easy-to-use interface. terra HR System is an online platform that helps automate HR processes and optimize internal communication efficiency, to support HR department and reduce workload, by providing services personnel management, control the timekeeping process, salary for employees. Bringing outstanding advantages: no installation required, no IT staff’s support to operate the system, easy operation and reasonable cost, terra HR System is always ready to support and advise to solve the problem until customers can successfully apply them to the business operation process.

With those benefits, the use of terra HR System will help businesses both attract potential human resources and minimize the amount of work for the HR department. Therefore, businesses can consider using terra HR System to improve the quality of the working environment, while increasing professionalism and modernity for both businesses and employees.

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