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Is it possible to study other majors but work in human resources?



The orientation to study this industry but the career opportunity to take root in another industry must be a problem that is no longer strange to young people in today’s life. The number of graduate students working in different fields is increasing. However, not any field is fine and provides job opportunities for outsiders. Therefore, with the diverse nature of work, many segments, combined with many new opportunities and challenges, human resource management has become a “hot” industry for young people, even attracting young people. employees working in other fields. So, the question posed here is “Is it possible to study other majors but work in human resources?”

Is it possible to study other majors but work in human resources?

Why does human resource management attract human resources from the opposite industry?

In an organization, Human Resources is the department in charge of all information and activities related to employees and businesses. The human resources department needs to perform a variety of tasks, including recruiting, managing employee relations, training, and administering employee benefits programs…For small companies, only a few personnel perform all of the above tasks, while large companies have a clear division between departments, specializing in certain areas, for example: sourcing and recruitment, compensation and benefits, staff training and development,… Here are the core factors that make Human Resource Management one of the attractive industries. intense, even with human resources in the industry:

Work environment dynamic

– With the job characteristics of working directly with people, HR almost rarely has to face the feeling of boredom because every day will have to face a different situation, a different person.

Human resource management is the “hot” major

Extensive work opportunities

– Human resources is one of the few professions without limits because the subject of the work is human – a category that is constantly being studied and learned to survive and develop sustainably.

– This is a must-have profession in all industries. This can be easily seen by the fact that every company has at least one HR department, which can be larger and divided into many specialized departments responsible for other HR management areas. like salary calculation, recruitment, benefits, etc.

Extensive work opportunities make human resources attracting

Opportunity Accumulated Knowledge, self-development

Human resource work requires employees to have knowledge of all knowledge related to employees and businesses, to have a broad understanding in many fields such as finance, business, law, etc. to acquire new knowledge will never be superfluousshit, sometimes it helps you get a huge plus for the employer or simply apply it to everyday life.

Opportunity Accumulated Knowledge, self-development in human resources

Attractive salary

– For businesses with hundreds or thousands of employees, it is not easy to manage them all. To be worthy of the workload, one needs to pay for level the salary of the human resources industry usually ranges from 9 million to 25 million VND/month, for human resource managers, the salary ranges from 30 to 100 million VND/month.

– According to the assessment of income levels of industries, this is the 3rd position in the top jobs with high income in Vietnam today.

– However, until now, this industry has always been in short supply of human resources. Many companies, large and small, are currently facing difficulties in recruiting this position. Therefore, it has brought to HR certain values ​​and this position always has a high income.

Attractive salary is a factor

Subjects that are compatible with Human Resource Management

“Yes” is the answer to the question “Is it possible to study other majors but work in human resources?”. To work in the field of Human Resource Management does not require you to study the right major, employers always want to recruit a lot of potential human resources, multi-knowledge and multi-field. Therefore, subjects with high compatibility with Human Resource Management will be easily selected such as:

– Managing human resource

– Business administration

– Administration – Law

– International business

– Foreign economic Relations

– Business law

– Commercial law

Advice for non-industry personnel

Human resources is an industry with no subject limit, is not picky about subjects, you can still actively work in the role of HR even though you have studied in other disciplines. However, whether your starting point is working in the wrong industry or in the right profession, you need skills, knowledge and practical experience. Here are some helpful tips for out-of-field employees working in the Human Resources field.

Improve computer skills

Computer science is the most important skill of all professions. Regular work done on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint requires employees to have knowledge and proficiency in informatics because it is an effective support tool during their career.

Soft skills training

Communication, presentation and teamwork skills are the “top 03” important skills that act as “leverages” to help you achieve success in the profession.

Advanced knowledge base

While working in the profession you have studied, you can take night courses in human resource management. After graduating, you can choose to continue with the old industry, or switch to applying for a career in human resource management. Then your chances of competition increase very high.

Additional practical knowledge

Participate in specialized short-term training courses, training projects and information sharing… to acquire practical knowledge and skills. However, choose a reputable and quality training unit with practical content to help students confidently find a job after completing their studies.

Advice for non-industry personnel

Training and sharing information for HR and business management “terra Academy” – The perfect solution for people from outside the industry who are looking for practical experience and knowledge for Human Resources work

terra Academy project – provides free training courses on human resources (salary calculation, PIT finalization, company culture, …) partners, customers of terra as well as students and the human resource community. With the intention to provide the HR and business communities, terra Academy wants to bring values for the Vietnamese HR community through the dissemination of information, skills and updates in the HR industry. terra offers free user accounts of E-learning website with limited time and content for individual users.

Training and sharing information for HR and business management – terra Academy

Through the terra Academy project, we hope that students from other fields who are looking for a position in the Human Resources industry in particular and the human resources community in general will cultivate themselves a lot of necessary knowledge and skills. to be confident, continue firmly on the career path of becoming a successful human resource.


If you are looking to switch to Human Resources, but you are studying and working in another field, can you successfully switch yourself? The answer is yes. No matter what role you currently take on, such as business, management, healthcare or administration, with the right qualification, you will be able to transition into a career in Human Resources. These industry roles will leave you fully equipped with the skills and experience that potential employers will notice. While working outside the industry can seem like a risk, the rewards are worth it. Whether you go far or near in this new career all depends on you, accepting to work in the opposite direction is accepting the trade-off between gain and loss, hope you always keep your faith and will to become a talented and successful HR.

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